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My Love's Rainbow Flag
A glass half full
Wine the shade of a rose,
staining silk lips
Twilight ambience,
the sun reflects
on an amber lake 
Flecks of sunshine in her hair,
mirroring the sky
The wind gently kisses it
Lush surrounding 
The Garden of Eden,
but for no man’s touch
A single flower grows
Tiny hint of blue
in a tangled sea of green
Her only jewel,
hanging on a golden chain  
Purple, it is her favourite
:iconjadethebard95:JadeTheBard95 0 5
Eventually the Lines
Lines along the road
Lines of washing fluttering like white sails
Lines of houses
Lines of tidy trash ready for the collection
Lines of white picket fences
Lines of words scratched along a chalkboard
Lines of blue drawn along a blank page
Lines of school children march in pairs, boys separate from girls
Lines of men in suits staring at their watches
Lines of people scurrying on their way to collect a pay check
Lines of those same people off to waste it
Lines of customers, with lists running through their minds
Lines of stumps where trees once grew
Lines of sad faces sit along a tavern bar, their wallets heavy  
Lines of tequila shots, spilled carelessly
Lines of drunks stumbling to the toilet, room spinning
Lines of piss trickles down a brick wall
Lines of blank faces leave a tavern into the night, wallets nearing on empty
Lines of those same people off to find another high
Lines of white laid on the coffee table, in neat little rows
Lines of tears in the ladies’ s
:iconjadethebard95:JadeTheBard95 1 3
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Drumming of music as it plays
Drumming within walls
Drumming in my heart, I am failing to breath
Drumming through the earth beneath our feet
Drumming sounds, they play over and over
Drumming on the desk
Drumming as her toes tap to the beat
Drumming now begging to be noticed by the crowd
Drumming beads of sweat atop my brow
Drumming in my head
Drumming continues on, as she takes her stand
Drumming as I fail to ask for a dance
Drumming hurts my chest and stings my eyes
Drumming goes on and on
Drumming that will not stop
Drumming while she dances with another, I must sit and watch
Drumming as his hands are on her waist, they wander where I do not dare
Drumming of a foot against floor
Drumming my fist against stone
Drumming in my ears as I see red, wishing to beat flesh like an instrument
Drumming like the beating of a heart
The drumming should stop.
:iconjadethebard95:JadeTheBard95 0 3
Inner Battle
Thump, twang twist and twirl
Strings inside a mind pulled tighter
Ringing in sore ears as nails dig into skin
Pulsating, pounding, the noises never cease
Fingertips tapping against a skull, deeper, harder
Screeching and screaming sirens shrill songs sounding
Calling and beckoning their music is painful and yet pleasant
Mustn’t listen, cannot hear tempting whispers that can ring in ears
Clenched fists fighting furiously, beating brokenly on a timid tired temple
The noises should stop, voices and screeches harshly harm a very heavy head
:iconjadethebard95:JadeTheBard95 0 3
Happy Easter! by JadeTheBard95 Happy Easter! :iconjadethebard95:JadeTheBard95 5 5


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Today at uni, I was listening to music while riding up the elevator. Behind me stood a mother with her baby sleeping in a pram, and a toddler, the little cutie was pushing the up button hoping it would go faster.

There I was minding my own business, when I felt something tickle my leg. I instantly thought 'the shit?', panicking that it was a spider or some other God awful demonic bug that inhabits my country. I half turned pulling my headphones out, expecting some monster trying to eat me, when I saw the little girl crouched down, tracing the lines of my tiger tattoo. Her eyes were filled with awe and a large smile spread from ear to ear. I couldn't help but chuckle, i'm not the type of person who would be mad at such an act.

Her mother noticed what she was doing and began freaking out. "No, no, no. Don't do that honey, leave her alone!"
I simply smiled to the mother, showing I wasn't angry or offended. The girl turned to her mother with a cheesy grin, and said with such amazement, "Mummy! She has a pretty picture on her leg!"
I smiled down to her and asked if she liked it. To which, she nodded profusely. Her mother continued to look suspiciously at me, she then told her daughter to stop bothering me. 
Moral of my story? Children aren't born prejudice, society teaches them to be.


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Artist | Student | Literature
I'm an Australian girl with an interest in the arts. Currently working my third year in university, I have hopes to one day become an editor or journalist (novelist is in the cards, but many know the struggle of the industry).

Favourite book series: Harry Potter & LOTR
Favourite games: Dragon Age and Mass Effect series
Style: Sketching-cartooning


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